Our Services

What you can expect

Your goals become our priority
We provide strategies that help navigate your unique financial challenges.  Our top priority is setting a course to guide you in the pursuit of your financial goals. Integrity is at the foundation of our client relationships and earning your trust is an integral part of our practice.

Guiding you toward your financial goals
The Simmons Group offers a personalized approach that delivers stewardship and oversight in helping you pursue your financial goals.
• We listen to you, taking into account your thoughts, special interests and values. This enables us to help prioritize your goals.
• We create a customized investment plan. This includes strategies for risk management, asset allocation and tax-sensitive investing, retirement and estate investment planning.
• We evaluate your portfolio and consider asset classes, diversification, sectors and investment management style.
• If changes are recommended, we will guide you through a smooth transition while considering the multiple layers of impact that change can create.
• We are diligent in reviewing your plan to ensure we stay aware of the changes throughout your life.
• We review your portfolio’s performance and suggest appropriate adjustments as needed.

Customized financial strategies

Planning for life transitions
Navigating life's major events can demand a significant amount of our client's personal time and attention.  The Simmons Group has a deep familiarity and experience in helping people manage through major life transitions.  These transitions include changes in family structure, health, retirement or senior care.  Our clients appreciate knowing that their finances are professionally cared for during these unfamiliar times, which allows them to focus on other important activities.

Asset-management services
Our investment platform is customized to match each client’s unique financial picture.  We implement appropriate strategies
which could include:
• Professional non-proprietary investment managers
• Customized equity and fixed-income management
• Non-correlated alternative investments
• Tax efficient strategies
• Planning for concentrated stock positions
• Managing individual income needs

We provide a total wealth management approach.  We coordinate with CPAs and attorneys to ensure that relevant information is communicated and implemented.  Our broad scope of consulting services extends to all aspects of investment planning, including risk management, capital preservation as well as retirement planning and wealth transfer.

Funding for education
We recognize that planning for educational expenses is a real concern for many families.  We can help design an appropriate plan and recommend options to effectively provide for these goals.

Wealth transfer and charitable giving
The Simmons Group can assist in reviewing or helping you develop a legacy and estate investment plan, including the transfer of wealth to your family members and charitable giving. Working closely with you and your legal advisors, we can ensure our planning work and investment recommendations are in line with your estate and charitable intentions. This planning could include:
• Managing your assets during your lifetime
• Planning for the distribution of your estate
• Managing possible estate and gift tax strategies
• Developing charitable and family gifting strategies
• Annual discussions to solidify your intentions

Young Investors Program
Our Young Investors Program (YIP) was established out of a growing need from our clients, who are actively transferring wealth to their children or family and want to help ensure financial success in their overall plan.  At The Simmons Group, we are committed to educating our young investors and assisting the family in the overall quest.  Within the Young Investors Program, we seek to build a solid foundation of knowledge for making sound financial decisions and investing.  We provide a much-needed resource for dealing effectively and prudently with life’s transitions.  We will guide young investors through the maze of decisions they are confronted with in life and help them to become financially aware.  Through our programs and discussions, we will teach healthy financial habits and work as your advocate while striving to build a foundation for a successful financial future.
Staying on course
The Simmons Group believes that strategic investment planning is the key to effective wealth management.  Our advice process includes developing an investment plan, implementing an appropriate investment strategy and reviewing the plan and portfolio to help you stay on course.  Each strategy is customized to where you are in your journey, and adjustments are made as you encounter milestones or road blocks.  We are mindful of the current economic environment and review both performance and your customized investment portfolio.  Throughout this process, we communicate where risks lie and will develop an appropriate map to help guide you in pursuing your financial goals. We know that change can be the one constant in life.  We are committed to leading you through the process of wealth management, while working prudently as your guide and advocate through life's ever changing landscape.
Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network is not a tax or legal advisor.  Any estate plan should be reviewed by an attorney who specializes in estate planning and is licensed to practice law in your state.